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Dried Apricots

Vibrant in flavor and color, dried apricots are ideal for snacks.

Dried Apricots

prenses kuru kayısı 200 grDried apricots are colorful and delicate snacks between main meals which provide health. Rich in soluble fiber helps to remove fatty acids from the organism and also promotes healthy bowels by adding bulk to stools. Moreover, just a half-cup serving of these dry fruits supplies over 21 % of the daily recommendation for potassium. Apricots are orange sources of well being carefully prepared by Çitello.

Nutritional value:

Energy Kcal/100gr
348 Carbohydrates g/100g


Fiber mg/100gr
9.9 Protein g/100g
Vitamin A mg/100gr
797 Fat g/100g
Ferrous mg/100gr