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kabak çekirdegi bannerPumpkin Seeds

Tasty and joyful snack. Only a handful of pumpkin seeds is recommended for daily use. But there is nothing wrong to eat more.

Pumpkin Seeds

11 kabak

It undergoes the process of simple baking before it is shown under Çitello quality brand. This product is 100% natural. It is one of the rare foods in nature which has a high rate of Omega 6 fatty acids content which is protective for heart. Similarly to other seeds it does not contain any cholesterol. Another important property is preventing the prostate.

Nutritional value:

Energy Kcal/100gr
622.00 Carbohydrates
Calcium mg/100gr
46.00 Protein
Magnesium mg/100gr
200.00 Saturated Fat
Ferrous mg/100gr
4.85 Unsaturated Fat

181 kabak